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Warwick Cruet, 1755

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Warwick Cruet - London 1755 by Samuel Wood - 22.5cm high; 23cm wide. Largest caster: 18.5cm high. 1510g (2020g gross weight with glass) - DM/3362

Warwick Cruet, 1755


This is a fabulous example of the highly sought after Warwick cruet set and was made by the best maker of this type of object. Samuel Wood was a specialist caster and salt pot maker and so it was a natural step for him to integrate his wares in to a single stand.


This stand has Rococo influences with the asymmetric scroll cartouche and four shell shaped feet. The central handle can be unscrewed for easier cleaning if necessary. The three silver casters are in the standard baluster form for the period and each one has a really hefty weight in the hand. The three casters appear to have matching pierced decoration to the covers, but in reality we have a large sugar caster, a pepper caster (both pierced) and a blind mustard pot - the latter has an original sleeve inside the cover blanking off the holes to keep the mustard fresh. The two glass bottles are original and retain their original silver caps - the caps when removed can be inserted in to the two side rings of the stand to prevent them being mislaid.


The quality and condition is quite simply superb. Each piece exudes the highest quality in terms of the design, workmanship and weight and is appropriately hallmarked to match the stand. The silver weighs just under 50tr.oz. which is quite a bit more than standard examples. It is most unusual to find such an immaculate Warwick Cruet Stand, they almost invariably have a piece missing, some damage or repair, but this example features all the original component part with no engravings and everything is in superb condition.


The Warwick Cruet was so named after the first such cruet set made by Anthony Nelme for the Duke of Warwick in 1715.


We currently have a matching oil and vinegar stand made by the same maker the following year - please see central photo below.

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