6 x Peter & Jonathan Bateman Teaspoons

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Teaspoons (6) - Old English Pattern - London 1790 by Peter & Jonathan Bateman - 13.2cm long; 87g - CR/3694

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Peter & Jonathan Bateman silver is rare as the partnership only operated for 6 months. Upon Hester Bateman’s retirement in December 1790, she handed over the family business to her two sons Peter and Jonathan. Jonathan died of cancer on April 19th 1791 and his widow Ann took over his position in the partnership. Single pieces of silver marked with the PB/IB makers mark are hard to find, but a set of 6 teaspoons is quite coup! These six spoons are in good condition with original block "MB" engraved initials to the front terminals. Each spoon is clearly struck with a good set of hallmarks, including the rare maker's mark.