Cased R E Stone Dishes, 1936

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Dishes (3, cased) - Royal Commemorative - London 1936 by R E Stone - 13.8cm wide; 8.9cm diameter; 2.6cm high; 300g weight of silver (Box: 32cm x 22.5cm) - HG/7055

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This beautifully presented set of three silver dishes was originally retailed by the Goldsmith & Silversmiths Company Limited in London and the inside cover of the attractively shaped box proudly announces their recent "by appointment" status to King George VI. Indeed, the three dishes are in one of R E Stone's trademark designs and each is set with a medallion to the centre celebrating the lives of the three recent Kings - George V is depicted on a 1935 crown, Edward VIII on a medallion made to celebrate the coronation that never took place and George VI with his wife Queen Elizabeth with the obverse showing the date of the coronation in May 1937.


All three dishes were made by the important silversmith and proponent of the Art Deco movement, Robert Edgar Stone. Each dish is marked for 1936 and includes his facsimile signature. 1936 was a tumultuous year for the British monarchy with King George V dying in January, his eldest son Edward becoming king and then abdicating and so leaving his brother George VI to take the throne in December.


These silver dishes occasionally appear singularly on the market, but this is the first time we have encountered all three together. Their presentation is immaculate and the condition is superb throughout. A very fine trio.