Georgian Tankard, 1797 by Bateman

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Tankard - Baluster - London 1797 by Peter & Ann Bateman - 19.5cm high; 850ml volume; 735g - JV/6656

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This is a beautifully shaped Georgian period silver tankard with a hinged cover carrying a superb openwork thumb piece. This baluster-shaped tankard has a central girdle and stands on a pedestal foot. It was made by the Bateman family workshop and has a good volume of 1.5 pints. The condition is excellent throughout with no engravings - there are 3 very tiny, equally spaced pin holes around the foot (as shown in the photo with the heart-shaped handle terminal) - presumably the tankard once stood on a wooden plinth. Both body and cover bear the same set of full hallmarks - a very fine example!