Omar Ramsden Cup & Cover, 1931

Omar Ramsden silver ciborium London 1931
Omar Ramsden silver ciborium London 1931 DSCN9445 DSCN9448 DSCN9450 DSCN9452 DSCN0498 DSCN0500 DSCN0501


Cup & Cover - Planished with Chalcedony finial - London 1931 by Omar Ramsden - 26cm high; 12.2cm diameter (top rim); 550ml volume; 835g - YD/9936

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This is a fabulous piece of Omar Ramsden silver! It is a cup and cover, which if applied to ecclesiastical use would be called a ciborium.

As can be seen from the scale photo with soft drinks can, this is a large vessel who's weight of 27tr.oz gives a very satisfying, hefty feel in the hand. The finial to the cover is in the form of a red hardstone chalcedony, slightly offset and seated within an organic, sinuous, foliate mount. The body of the cup is of waisted, spot-hammered form and the cover has a pierced foliate rim. The underside is engraved "Omar Ramsden me Fecit".

This impressive cup and cover is in superb original condition and is a wonderful piece of arts and crafts silver.