Pair of Georgian Silver Candle Doubters, 1836

Georgian silver candle doubters 1836 by William Bateman
Georgian silver candle doubters 1836 by William Bateman DSCN5368 DSCN5370 DSCN5371 DSCN5373


Candle Doubters - Gadroon & Shell Openwork Handle, Flat Plate Snuffers - London 1836 by William Bateman - 16.5cm; 75g - EW/2683

Silver candle doubters are rarely found implements for dousing a lit candle. More typically flames were quenched using a conical-shaped snuffer that was supplied as part of a chamberstick set or with wick trimmers (aka candlesnuffers) that had a snap-shut firebox. This handsome 6 1/2" long example has a scissor-action with its handles in the form of Regency wick trimmers and the flat plates used to extinguish the candle.

Made by William Bateman towards the end of the Georgian period, this top quality pair of candle doubters have a good solid weight and are in fine condition with a tight central pivot and a full set of hallmarks spread between the two plates.