Pair of Leslie Durbin Casters, 1953

Pair Leslie Durbin silver casters London 1953
Pair Leslie Durbin silver casters London 1953 DSCN8396 DSCN8397 DSCN8403 DSCN8402


Casters (pair) - London 1953 by Leslie Durbin - 12cm high; 250g combined weight - LK/9925

A delightful pair of silver casters made by the most important British silversmith of the early post-war period - Leslie Durbin. Leslie Durbin was apprenticed to and worked for Omar Ramsden and the skills shown in his work are equal to those of his master. 

These casters beautifully display these skills and they have a good chunky feel in the hand. They are larger than typical pepper pots, (for which purpose they could be used), and so are probably better termed as muffineers and could sprinkle flour, cinnamon or sugar. They both feature a nicely detailed cast finial modeled as a leaping salmon. Inside the bases are removable caps with a bayonet fitting for refilling or emptying.

Due to times of austerity and high taxes, top quality silver from the 1950's is scarce and these casters have the additional bonus of the commemorative hallmark to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.