Peter & Jonathan Bateman MADEIRA Label, 1791 PB/IB

PB IB Peter Jonathan Bateman silver wine label
PB IB Peter Jonathan Bateman silver wine label DSCN3821 DSCN3822 DSCN3823


Wine Label - MADEIRA; Crescent - London 1790 by Peter & Jonathan Bateman - 4.4cm wide - RG/2420

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The PB/IB maker's mark of Peter & Jonathan Bateman is a highly desirable and very rarely found mark on English silver. Its scarcity is due to the short-lived partnership between the two sons of Hester Bateman following her retirement in 1790; Jonathan died within six months of the partnership's founding. All pieces emanating from this partnership were made during the same date letter year of 1790/91 and so even though this silver wine label does not bear a date letter (all wine labels of the period were lacking), it can be accurately placed to between 7th December 1790 and 2nd May 1791. A further bonus is that the PB/IB mark on this Madeira label is very crisp and clear.

This Georgian silver Madeira bottle ticket is crescent-shaped with a plain, elegant design and is in excellent condition.