Set of Hester Bateman Table Forks, 1779

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Table Forks (6) - Old English Bright-cut Edge - London 1779 by Hester Bateman - 224mm long; 365grams -Ref. No.: MS/1847

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These are an extremely rare set of forks! Finding genuine Hester Bateman forks, in a set of 6 and in excellent condition is like finding hen's teeth! You might be able to find the odd one or two, but often they have condition issues such as worn tines or rubbed decoration. These are a superb set with beautifully crisp bright-cut zig-zag borders. They are in superb condition with the rounded tines found in pre-1790 forks. The tines are all full and equal length. Furthermore these forks benefit from having no engraved initials nor any erasures to the front terminals.


To the reverse side can be found clear sets of bottom struck hallmarks with good examples of the "HB" maker's mark. Furthermore, an indication of the forks provenance can be found with the additional Swedish import marks, showing that at some stage these forks resided in Scandinavia before returning to the UK. One fork is only marked with the Swedish control marks and was presumably made later to order. We are currently also offering the matching table spoons to these forks.