Set of 6 Hester Bateman Table Spoons, 1779

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Table Spoons (6) - Old English Bright-cut Edge - London 1779 by Hester Bateman - 222mm long; 345grams - Ref. No.: DM/1846</p>

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This is an excellent set of 6 matching table spoons made by the "Queen of English Silversmiths". Each spoon has a beautifully bright-cut engraved zig-zag border and is in fabulous condition. The condition of the bowls is outstanding with an original thick rim all the way around. The engraving is superbly crisp too and there are no personalised initials (nor erasures).


The hallmarks are interesting on these spoons. The London bottom struck marks bear a clear example of the HB makers mark and each spoon also bears Swedish import marks. The spoons were presumably exported to Sweden before being returned to the UK. We also have an extremely rare matching set of table forks for this set.