Thistle Spoon, 1924 by Omar Ramsden

Omar Ramsden silver spoon london 1924
Omar Ramsden silver spoon london 1924 DSCN7856 DSCN7858 DSCN7861


Spoon - Flower Terminal - London 1924 by Omar Ramsden - 16cm long; 44 grams - HG/9769

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This is a fabulous spoon by the UK's most acclaimed 20th century silversmith, Omar Ramsden.

The spoon has a beautifully decorated thistle terminal that would appeal to the Scottish market. It is one of a range of stand-alone spoons that Ramsden made that could be used as jam spoons, child spoons and similar. 

The spoon has been hand-made and with its sturdy weight and spot-hammered bowl has an aura of high quality. It remains in excellent condition.