Three-handled Tyg Wine Cooler, 1899

Silver wine cooler tyg Sheffield 1899 by Mappin Webb
Silver wine cooler tyg Sheffield 1899 by Mappin Webb DSCN2932 DSCN2963 DSCN2964 DSCN2965 DSCN2966


Wine Cooler - Tyg with Reeded Bands - Sheffield 1899 by Mappin & Webb - 19cm high; 14cm diameter (top); 1145g - DM/2277

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Tygs are 3-handled cups that were traditionally used as friendship cups or used during important celebrations, such as at weddings. A drink was taken from the cup using two handles and then passed on to the next person with the third. This example is a particularly large example and is ideal for use as a silver bottle stand or wine cooler.

The wine cooler is cylindrical in form with a coopered barrel effect and has a generous capacity that will easily take a white wine or champagne bottle together with chilling ice. A tyg makes the perfect vessel for this purpose as it can be easily passed around the table with a glass of wine poured out rather than the traditional swig of drink!

This Victorian silver tyg was made by the prestigious London retailers, Mappin & Webb, and has a super heavy weight of well over 1kg (37 tr.oz.). It is in first class polished condition.