Early Rattail Mote Spoon, c.1725

George I silver mote spoon c1725
George I silver mote spoon c1725 DSCN3276 DSCN3231 DSCN3232


Mote Spoon - Rattail pattern - Circa 1725 - 13.5cm long; 6.5g - MT/7431

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This is a good example of an early 18th century antique silver mote spoon.

The spoon can be dated to the George I reign from the presence of the rattail to the reverse of the bowl and the simple drilled holes piercings which are both typical of the period. It is not unusual for mote spoons of this era to be unmarked and this is one such case. The spoon is very competitively priced for a 300-year old piece of silver in fine condition!